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I need this

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come visit me at jamba! we close at 6 tonight :) bogos are still on til Sunday!!!


first LA pride! :)

the perks of being over 21

hello :)


Maroon 2!

Back on that school grind

Have to start bringing it to school


i’m an old-fashioned person. i’ve been like that ever since i was younger. i can’t say that my family isn’t the richest of the bunch, so we aren’t a spending spree family. we save up and spend when we can. that’s why i’m no so hype with the style these days. don’t necessarily have that clean swag style. i like it. i can spend when i deserve or need to.

i love love love the radio. love the serious yet funny talk shows within local stations. i definitely love the music only because singing is also one of my favorite of being old-fashioned. it is old-fashioned/tradition. we’ve been doing it before we even knew what it was called. its a hobby, as i like to say, of mine. and music is my life. grew up with, played, and listened, it shaped me.

lastly, i love newspapers. before i had the hobby of collecting different newspapers from different major cities just to be a nerd and see the layout difference and the way journalists write. i like reading all the different stories, major or minor. i like to catch up with current events. its the most inquisitive topic starter. 

after realizing that i am this certain way, i’m glad i’m starting to act like an older person. i need to stop being a kid.

A late christmas present to myself

new year means new icon


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The age rank with my friends are between 21-27 and I really don’t mind at all. I was always the baby of the group, but its nice to have a kickback and have a sleepover once in awhile. It was fun these past two days, saw some people at Dave and Busters and got to hang out with my close friends. Watched some scary/gory/funny movies. Had boiling point, cpk, and kbbq and had the most spontaneous days. Loved it soo much, but sucks because I’m broke now and I just got paid on christmas D: