Live and Learn

you know what i like? when I have the greatest, not longest, work experience ever to have. Well for me anyway.I believe that look:

  1. i worked tutoring senior year of high school. I got my first paycheck at my high school. I was so excited but then it didnt last long. Although I got a bit tutoring experience.
  2. Then my first actual job was working at WIS International. Honestly it was the most enjoyable job I ever had. Getting a shitload of money for an easy ass job. For meeting so many great people and although we don’t talk much anymore, we were the closest people to ever have a bond with.
  3. After that I got fired, first job I ever got fired from and I just tell people I quit so I wouldn’t be embarrassed. Yeah I got fired because I started being late to everything. work, meetings, and even reviews for my employment. Luckily I was able to last a month.
  4. Anyways after that I started doing this call center/data entry job for a christian network and I can’t believe how much great people I met there as well even for a one week job. Pays a shitload though. 472 excluding tax and breaks haha. I’ve met lifelong friends and great older than me people and it was incredible. I even got closer to my aunt, she’s like me second sister haha. Anyway its such a great peaceful environment and build your communication skills place. It’s incredible and I got so much experience for that
  5. Next I got a job at michaels. OMG I love creative shit, and working with one it was incredible haha. I didn’t even work at the store, I rebuilt the whole thing(though i had a crew to fix it with). I found that it was better knowing and restocking so many products that you get so use to the system. That is great experience for artistic skills. But yeah, along with my other great jobs, I met amazinnnnnng people haha. Anyway that was my first time having to reach a certain goal everyday. It got to the point where if you mess up, it happens and they’re chill as long as it doesn’t happen ever again haha.
  6. The lost job I got is this one. Its at Tanaka Farms. And OMG I WAS AT A FARM FOR A JOB :DDDDD Kind of weird because its such an odd job and actually this is where I could apply my skill of wanting to teach and basically I deal with kids almost everyday of the week. I’m debating of dropping out again, but I’m going to try to stick with it lol. haha as I was saying, I deal with teachers who love to give me advice. This one teacher chatted with me, "What grade would you like to teach?" "4th or 5th grade" "OH! thats lovely, you know that 4th grade focuses its main focus on the missionaries" "the what?" "the missionaries, you know, building your own missionary and researching about it." "oh..well how about 5th grade" "they mainly focus on the united states" "what about the united states" "learning the 50 states and concluding to the that there isn’t 51 states" "haha omg, i’m totally choosing that. I loved learning and memorizing about the states of our nation" "then you should get that going! I believe in you, even if I hardly know you. I just know that you will be a great teacher some day" I felt incredibly happy, i may have exaggerated a few quotes but it basically tells most of the truth haha. This is the most enjoyable I’ve ever had to have and love excluding drama.
  7. Lastly, TNTT(Thieu Nhi Thanh The Vietnam) and I’m happily in love with the church, Blessed Sacrament Church: 14072 Olive Street, Westminster, CA 92683. Yeah I learned the address and Thang Thien Westminster translating to Soar High Westminster. I love it haha. I’ve been in it for 7 years but only have been teaching religion and morals to children for 3 years. Its been an incredible journey for me and everyone I have met. Struggles, doubts, love, tears, hatred, drama, dreams, aspirations. You experience all of this once when you’re in this, i love it haha. So much. 

I’ve got to experience it all and it’s been an incredible journey. I believe part-time, seasonal jobs, you meet the most amazing people ever. Not constantly in one place, although it would be nice. Though its a great experience to have. An odd job to reminisce with my kids in the future. I just absolutely love all of this.

  • 24 October 2012