Stoner Moments #1

LOL so yeah I get these once in awhile when I’m just really sad and I can’t explain my feelings so I have to be stoner to realize what it really is.

AND what I love the most about my stoner moments are (I think bullet points are better at explaining then writing boring long paragraphs explaining too much in depth about what I love about them are haha):

  • When you feel like the best shit in the world and you want to write all about it seeming oh so ever smart haha.
  • When you hear songs and be like hell yeah I can totally relate to this, and its every song you precisely chose to be on your playlist. (I forgot what I was going to say…)
  • When you turn into the most kind-hearted person and is a sweetheart to everyone. I myself wish I can be like this all the time without the use of drugs or possibly smoking cigarettes. I wish that I can just be clean of everything and be a kind-hearted person. It’s just one day I suppose.
  • When sad songs make you write sad things and when happy songs just make you want to dance and just live life. You literally only live once :)
  • When you before barely started to go on tumblr and you wrote so much about yourself that people started to like what you write and got to met so many great people. Then it sucks that you realize you deleted it already and all 557 followers were the best people I’ve ever met and I honestly miss and love them all :)
  • Shit I almost wrote a long paragraph about how much my only best friend ever christopherbaoantran. haha he’ll never know now :)
  • When you want to tell someone how much you love someone so much and you want to explain everything <3

WELLLLP I didn’t want to list too much. haha its too much for me to type and so much for you to read..until probably the next hour I’m going to write something else. Hahaha hope this made you smile or something and show how much of a dork and nerd i am hahah. But, I believe I always keep this positive kiddish attitude as much as possible. 

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  • 24 October 2012
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